Shhhhhh the DI doesn’t know I’m posting this – how to change time?

No, it’s not a broad question of time in a story or writing.

How do I change the blog recorded times from GMT to something civilized, like, e.g. Pacific Daylight Standard Time.  Where I am. Yanno? How, wordpress, how?

(looking over shoulder) Gotta go, the DI is back from the head and he’s going to want to see some words on the page. With plot. Scene. Sequel. Scene. Sequel.

3 thoughts on “Shhhhhh the DI doesn’t know I’m posting this – how to change time?

  1. Took me a few weeks to figure this one out. You have to go to your site’s dashboard, then to settings – general settings, then you can change your timezone Pacific is UTC-9. This is the same place you change your site title and tag line, but seeing as how you did change your site title, I’m going to guess you already got there?


    • I go into the dashboard and poke it with a stick every so often. Sometimes it pushes the right button, other times bees fly out and I get stung. I’ll take a look at that one. And WIDGETS! I can’t get them to work at all. Very frustrating. I know it must be easy.


      • Success! The blog is now in California. Still no idea how the widgets work. That is, they don’t work. I’ve dragged some stuff into boxes, but there doesn’t seem to be a publish button. How are people to read all my brilliant work and visit all the fascinating people *I* recommend? (As if that’s got some sort cachet.)


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