Second guessing your manuscript based on other works you see

I read a review of Kathy Tyers’ Firebird series and thought, “this sounds erudite and wonderful.”

Then I looked at my manuscript. I frowned. I considered Firebird. Sci fi, written as a creative project for a doctorate.

My manuscript. Written as a creative project for not-a-doctor me.

I can see where this thinking is going to take me. Not a good place. So ignore the Tyers example and move forward. Get up, get vertical, get off the beach.  But there’s shell fire and machine guns. Doesn’t matter. Get off the beach. Go.

How can I make it better?  Get off the beach. Learn as much as possible. Keep moving.

Clearly I need to finish reading the characterization books. And stop using so many adverbs. Off the beach. Move forward.

Oh, and you readers? Move up and flank ’em on the left side. I want a poet to establish a base of fire here, and start free forming it at the enemy, maybe throw some iambic pentameter at ’em.  I’ll also need some of you short story people to lob in some artillery, maybe some novellas. Get some special forces operators with some haikus to sneak in, and we’re set. We’ll need overhead (book) cover(s) from some artists!

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