Stupid Kristin. Grr. Made me. Durn it.

Okay, so I put my REAL NAME on this blog.

Yeah, yeah, you’re all like, “we knew who you were, it’s on your email, dude, and that’s on the comment sections like, well, everywhere. And besides, it’s not a big deal. Lots of people have regular boring names like yours.”  Oh yeah?? I think you sound a little like me, when I type. Just sayin’.  Also, my name is NOT BORING.

It’s Lamb’s fault. I blame her. She said I had to do it.  Okay, no, she didn’t say I had had to do it, but she strongly suggested it under pain of death said I had to do it.

Your name is your brand, she says, all toity Ms. Cute Advice Professional Cover Photo. Like I should listen to someone with 44,312 followers! If she said to jump off a cliff, would we all do it?

44,312 bloggers jump off cliff!
Police are baffled in a case where 44,312 blogger leapt to their deaths off assorted cliffs near their homes. Some bloggers drove for hours to find a cliff, including a couple from the Kansas area who were forced to seek a skyscraper for their act of doom.  Police are seeking a Kristin Lamb as a person of interest.”

I still answer to Pontius Cominius.  I think this relationship is serious enough, you know, I’ve followed you, you’ve followed me, where we don’t need to conceal things about ourselves.

So you can call me Matt.

Oh. And about the concealing things? Maybe we better keep that up.

9 thoughts on “Stupid Kristin. Grr. Made me. Durn it.

  1. Hi Angela! I like it. Welles is generic, whereas Macala-Guajardo is awesome. You could name a drink with it. I rolled the R when I said it, though, and put an accent on the JAR part. I probably just butchered it, didn’t I? What sort of cover is it going to adorn?

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      • Sooooo… this means you’re getting all new covers? It’s going to be so AWESOME. Your new, er, old writery name is going to look smashing on a cover, and plus, getting new covers is like doing a book without all the work to redo a book. Pick an artist and go crazy.

        Are you going to re-edit the books before you re-release, or is it Anthony Hopkins work ethic, it’s done and we don’t go back to look at it or try to fix it or improve it?


        • Yeah, I’m going to do a thorough edit. There are typos I’ve never found, plus I’ve learned more about writing in the past few years. I love editing. 🙂


    • How many Bruce Goodmans are there? 25, according to Linkedin.

      And the point that the lady was making, nay, beating us over the head with, was Your Name is Your Brand.

      Wait, are you saying my name isn’t real-sounding? Or are you speaking about the Pontius Cominius, which is a perfectly good Roman nomen & cognomen?

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