Quick! Find an editor. Go.

Is there a resource where we can get a book that lists editors, their specialties, books they’ve edited, contact information, location, and a blurb about them?

It’d be a phone book of editors, of sorts.

Or do I need to write it?

It’d look sort of like this:

Name: Bob the Clam
Email: clammyediting@gmail.com
Type of editing: Line/Copy/Content/Developmental/Proofreader/Beta reader/critique partner
Books edited: Gone With the Wimp, Catcher in the Sty, Rudes, To Kill a Mockingjay, A Light We Can See, Last 100 Words, the Wrong Brothers, Girl Off a Train, Kim Kardashian: Shellfish
Location: Australia
Preferred genres: Any, Climate Fiction, books about fish
Pricing: US$.08 per word, first 100,000 words, discount after.
Glowing recommendations:
Jim the Clown, Author: Bob really helped me. You see, I always boldly and dramatically use adverbs. Eventually, I’ll learn to promptly and regularly remove them. Then I’ll live victoriously. However, Bob also removed only half the words in my manuscript, very cautiously. He performed his work terrifically and quickly.

If this already exists, splendid. Where is it? Is there a secret website known only to the in-crowd authors? Greatedits.com?

If not, is it something you’d pay a dollar for to buy on the great slushpile? You think an editor would pay to be in it? What about if the editor pays extra for a big blurb while everyone else rides for free? Or is this odious, and you authors are saying, “I’ll find my own darned editor, Pontius, you miserable bar sinister! I don’t need your help.”

21 thoughts on “Quick! Find an editor. Go.

    • Thanks! That’s quite a resource. I wandered around, kicked at some links, gave them my email address and thought “I can see where the real money in writing is.” Hrrrrm. A million authors will need a lot of classes… If only some of them would take some. I guess it’s sort of like acting.

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  1. I have no idea where to find an editor in the great wide world. I managed to find someone willing to do it through my work. It’ll be her first foray into editing creative work, but her record on technical pieces is stellar, if brutal, and I trust her judgement. I feel like I’ve seen quite a few editors offering their services through non-editing related web content. Also, as much as it sometimes feels like a giant advertising feed for writers, Twitter has let me to more than one resource for editors, cover art, and advertising. The real question though is how do you find an editor you can work with and who won’t send you back something that really doesn’t help?


    • That’s where, instead of creating just a listing site, you take dating software and use that to partner up writers and editors. I don’t even have a good idea of the metrics behind the success of dating sites, but I think that dating software is just taking different factors and putting into a relational context. This would be matchmaking in the sense of putting people, and businesses, together in a manner that strengthens both parties– the editor gets paid, and the author gets a fantastic book and an experience of editing that will fill them with joy at the thousands they spent prospect of doing the same thing over and over again and producing a rich and lasting stable of high-quality reading.

      Stop me if I start to rant.

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        • I’ll throw it in front of my programmer friend. We’d have to do some research to discover which factors are the biggest influencers of a good relationship.

          I know that there are hundreds of thousands of authors out there. I don’t know how many editors there are. Finding that out would be useful for the amount of work that would go into a dating/editing site. There’d be a fee. Imagine how much more efficient this would make editors? They’d have more business, and pairing people with the right editors would mean happier authors and editors. If you’re going to part with your cash for an editor, best to get one that you’re going to really like.

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          • You’ll also need a human-dimensions person for the research and analysis. I wonder if your algorithm may not, in fact, look rather a lot like a dating algorithm at its core. I mean relationships are relationships, and whether they’re romantic or not, there are certainly features those relationships share.


            • Yes. You and my wife said the same thing. I would never have seen this if I the wife wasn’t watching Numbers. Every time Charlie starts one of his number lectures– “THis is a lot like a sprinkler system. We can predict exactly where the water droplets will fall, because there is a pattern, blah blah blah.” So I was thinking, when you mentioned the importance of the relational aspect– you don’t want any editor, you want a love match, or at least a like match–that triggered a Charlie burst where I said, “ah, he wants dating software.” Relationship is relationship, regardless of it being a romance or a editoramance.

              I don’t even know what a human-dimensions person is. Google is my friend.

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  2. This is the site I scoured for mine: http://pred-ed.com/
    But yeah your phone book sounds great. I don’t know about book form because, like phone books, I imagine info changes too rapidly for even an indie press to keep up. Website…yes!


    • That’s quite a work you found, Brandy. I took a look, and while the content is there, it’s not very well organized. In this day and age, we’re used to going to a website and being able to use criteria to winnow down the choices. Now, there are some subjective warnings that I noted–bold red letters stating that a service is not recommended (pricing too high, or they charge for a quote, etc.). If the information on there could be recast into a database with the requisite bits of information, you could do a search based on something other than the alphabetical. (Forgive me if I missed some other search methods– this was a brief perusal. However, I believe I don’t see any other sorting method.)

      Say you’re shopping for shoes on eBay. First you gotta pick a gender, then you gotta pick a size. Pick a color, too, and type of shoe, and width. Boom, size 5 women’s basketball shoes in pink, right there. Same deal with a writer. You need a friggin editor, and you want one who specifies in a certain field. Select copy editor, pick a country or state if that matters to you (lots easier to pay someone in the same currency boat as you are -and- added bonus they speak your dialect and can translate vernacular if necessary. What’s your price range? x cents per word or by the page or what have you.

      When you finish with an editor, you rate them.

      And if the editors listed are there voluntarily, you can get agreements that they understand they will be reviewed by authors they edit for and so on and so forth.

      This will keep the editors honest and establish a pool of good will where if you think your editor is awesome, you can endorse them.


    • Holy £11.56 Batman! How many copies of that thing are they selling? That’s $22 of book there AND you can’t get it on Kindle. I’m going to guess you’ve purchased said item? Is it totally worth it? I imagine you buy it once, then you establish your lifelong partnerships with your dream editors and you never leave them again.

      I might be a little off on that. Maybe that happens in the Romance genre? 😀


      • It’s a thick book and totally worth it. If I was more serious about writing and publishing I would definitely buy it every year, as it is, the copy I have is 3 years old, and my previous one was 5 years before that.


        • You’re one of those early risers, aren’t you? It’s still Wednesday night where I am. I can see the value in such a resource, but the buy in seems so steep and while a well-organized book of that kind is great, it’s the freakin’ internet. We can do SEARCHES! See my above comment responding to Mr. Koster about using dating software to produce a website to match authors with editors. I think it’d be a lot of fun getting that to happen.


          • I am quite an early riser yes, if you count sitting up in bed and getting the laptop out onto my lap as rising! Usually about 6am, but today I woke up at 5am for some reason. Anyway, yes, but I think the fact that this book is now in its 108th edition, and despite the internet, it still gets published as a hard copy book every year, and sells well every year, says something about how good it is. Sure, its days probably are numbered now in its current form, and no doubt it will evolve into an online format at some point, but for now I can’t speak highly enough about it!


            • You woke up at 5… to comment on my BLOG!!!! Tell me this isn’t awesome.

              Yar. I’m not arguing with an institution. That’s someone who is doing it right and repeatedly and they’re getting paid on it. I didn’t look at the book ranking but they’re making money if they’re in the 108th printing.

              Usually (argh, adverb) when something is successful in the UK, someone figures out a way to do it in the US. There’s got to be a US Equivalent. No one would leave that money on the table.


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