Sometimes I want to Beat WordPress With a Large Wooden Spoon

No, really. Is there a special setting somewhere for comment threading? I KNOW other sites have it, but mine does not seem to have it.  Or do I have to pony up some cash to get that feature? Someone in the know, cough up the goods. I’m stymied. And I really wanted to say stymied.

Edit: I think I found it. Settings, Discussion, Enable Threaded Comments. See? I just had to root around for a while and I’d discover the answer. Yeah.

14 thoughts on “Sometimes I want to Beat WordPress With a Large Wooden Spoon

    • Sure! I sometimes look at other blogs and think, “gee, that’s a cool widget they’ve got. I want a widget like that on my blog.” But I don’t know how. I changed my template today because the template I had been using didn’t have any of the clutter you can now see on the right hand side there. Archives, all the comments like yours, and a follow follow follow zanies button. (You have no idea how much I adore Ben Jonson’s Volpone. Brilliance.) And someday, when I’ve got 47,000 followers, those comment sections are going to need some serious threading. Best to start now.


  1. Can I borrow your wooden spoon once you’ve finished? – although I’m trying to be nice because it would be cool to be Freshly Pressed. I once was Freshly Pressed in another blog long-gone, and it brought in hundreds of followers. Nah! Who needs followers?


    • Followers are overrated. Minions, now, that’ll put you over the edge. I’m still waiting for someone named Igor to start bringing me body parts and speaking with a Romanian accent.

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    • Which is to say, yes, I’ll send you the spoon. What post got you the freshly pressed designation? I sometimes look at the traffic on the freshly pressed blogs with envy. It’d be nice to be read by thousands. Then I think, “with great numbers of readers, comes great responsibility.” Then I think, “poppycock! Post what you want.”

      It’s sort of inane in my head.

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  2. There are a number of things I cannot find and I wonder if it depends on which style you choose, which is crazy, because you think all the styles would have all the features. I also can’t figure out how to show all the little heads of the bloggers who click like.


    • Yes! A previous iteration of a template had no widgets show up on the sidebar, and you had to click a little icon to open that stuff up. I changed templates and found one that lets me clutter it up to my satisfaction, as you must be able to tell. Lookit all that stuff! It’s Nucleare style. The showing heads widget is… I think it’s part of a particular template, but I don’t know what it is. Can you figure out the template where you saw it? I know what you’re referring to. It may be an aftermarket thing you add with the text widget.

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    • So I rooted around a bit. I found the little heads bloggers thing on Kristen’s blog and thought, “maybe I can look at the coding and see what was done there.” I looked at the coding. I cannot tell what was done there. I can’t even tell if hers is a custom template of some kind. I suppose we could ask…?

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