A chain-smoking stripper loses a magic love potion.

A criminal mastermind and a criminal girl form an alliance to repatriate a mummy.


A truck driver and a stuffy general get together to sell a mummy. The plot is brought to a conclusion by an attack.

An attractive nun has 24 hours to organise a musical. The plot is commenced by an attack.

Okay, sorry, I was looking at the writer’s Plot Idea Generator again after all the reading about loglines. It does tend to blurt out correct loglines, just not very good ones.

A disorganised junkie unravels a chain of unforseeable events.

A magical school teacher has a day to find an antidote to a deadly virus.

Ooooh, Miss Frizzle, is this another field trip? No, children, it’s time to get an antidote!

I wonder if the same thing could be constructed for sci fi… using lists rather like the random trait generator? I think it could be done. There’s only, what, 8 different sci fi stories?

Oh, and this one:

When a young girl gets pregnant, a ship full of pirates capture a chocolate factory.

12 thoughts on “A chain-smoking stripper loses a magic love potion.

  1. I love the pregnant girl, the pirates and the chocolate factory. Perhaps it was Willy Wonka what got her in the family way, or was that Willy’s Wonka, or Wonka’s Willy?


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