Military Sci Fi, well done – Leo Champion

I recently finished one of Chris Nuttall’s books, First Strike, which was decently done. Chris does a great job of doing classic space opera.  At the end was a selection from Leo Champion’s book, Legion, which was a combat scene.  I read through it and bought the book on the spot.  It’s well done!

I’m about a quarter way through.  The book is about a successful copywriter who, while drinking to celebrate his promotion at works, is wooed into joining the US Foreign Legion, and how he must now do everything he can to survive his enlistment.

I like Champion’s writing – there’s nothing that screams Indy about this book (and it is published in softcover).

5 thoughts on “Military Sci Fi, well done – Leo Champion

  1. Thanks, Matt. Glad you’re enjoying Legion – there’s a sequel in the works too, due out in a few months. Let us know what you think when you’re done… it does start slow, I’ll admit.

    I actually (as CEO of Henchman Press, a startup in this space) had the pleasure of publishing First Strike, ironically our first title. We’ve had three more out since, including my fourth book Highway West, and more are on the way.

    Add to your Kindle approved senders and I’d be more than happy to send a couple of review copies your way, if you’re interested. -Leo


    • Oy! Leo! I finished it and thought it was a barn-burner to the end. Your combat sequence in the middle caught the flavor and pure chaos of combat – it evoked the sort of scene from We Were Soldiers where Mel Gibson and the 7th Cav are bunkered down and getting hit from all sides. My secret kindle address is and you’re on the list to send me stuff. 😀

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      • Glad you liked it. Movies are as much my influence as written and comparing me to that awesome one – hell, thanks dude. That’s high praise.

        Right now I’m working on the sequel (Mullins has 4.5 years left in the Legion, and it’s not going to be a nice time for him), Honor of the Legion. Although a higher priority is Desert Strike, hopefully coming out by this Fall if not sooner. Which I might just send to you to beta-read if you’re interested – reading other posts on your blog indicates you’re a guy who knows his mil-SF.


        • I would treasure and happily devour anything you drop on my Kindle, sir. And email you copious notes about wherever my goat is got, since that’s the primary purpose of it, no? And of course, I would hope Mullins has a miserable time. Put your protag in a tree and throw rocks at him, right? Otherwise, it’s dull as nails and everyone says in a high-pitched voice, “one star.”


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