Die, formatting, die!

I am pleased to report I am able to beta read a friend’s novel which I had been anticipating for ages. Ages!! Why doesn’t he write faster? I used to think.

Anyways, so yar.

Apparently, the Word doc I got was ported from Scrivener. Useful for plotting, lousy for publishing. What is with the extra carriage returns, the weird column breaks, and the words randomly dropped into tables?

I’m putting it in pretty format as I go. OTOH, I should just read the PDF and be happy. I can annotate the PDF and that gets him results faster.

Fine, I’ll PDF. But I’m looking at you, Scrivener. I don’t like your type. Not one bit.

5 thoughts on “Die, formatting, die!

  1. From what I’ve researched I’m not that impressed with Scrivener, I much prefer to type in Word and then convert to a PDF for my beta readers. It seems less complicated to me and I like easy (given the choice). 🙂


  2. To be the devil – I love scrivener. Right up to the point where I have to do something with the stuff I’ve written. That’s when life sucks. So far, I’ve shared my story with a handful of folks, and every one of them has had a problem. It makes me sad. Oh well. Can’t learn if you don’t make mistakes. Also, thanks for reading Matt!!! Super excited to see a blood soaked manuscript returned to my inbox at some point.


  3. hello matt bowes its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada luvs that bartleby thing too!!! but he never eksports ennything to word frum it he just eksports epubs and kpubs and zpubs and pdfs and wotever!!! seems like he spends a lot of time fussing with those formats but wotever as long as it duz not cut into my playtime i do not kayr!!! ha ha ok bye


  4. I love Scrivener to pieces, but it is for writing, not editing. When I send something to my Beta, I put it in word first. At that stage it remains in Word. But for the whole process: research, structure, outlining, scenes, chapters… I haven’t seen anything better yet.

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