…Authors… looking for a good title?… Tony McManus has some tips for yeez…

Say… I did this with the name of celtic band I started up a few years back. “What’re we going to call ourselves?” One of the members was memorizing Richard III’s soliloquy so I took a look at it, and then found the title about 20 lines in: “I am not meant for these sportive tricks,” he says. Sportive Tricks was born. (And now all its success comes from the current members, not my paltry contribution in the beginning.)

I hadn’t thought to do this with a book title. Freakin’ brilliant.

Seumas Gallacher

…my irrepressible scribbling pal, Tony McManus has unearthed more fascinating gems regarding  book titles… have a wee peek…





“…that which we call the rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Shakespeare reminds us. And it’s true of most things in the world, but not in the world of books; especially fiction. Here’s my take on things.

Ernest Hemingway believed a title should have magic. I’ll buy that. A dull title can kill an otherwise good book. An inspiring one can help make it a best seller. In my view, a title should at least hint at the genre and tone of the work. It should be intriguing. It should also be unique; a writer should always check his title against existing works. Type your title into a search engine or Amazon.com and you’ll get to know…

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