So… let’s hear your dream plot. If you could have anything you want, what would it be? Toss it in here.

Obviously, not the plot of a book you want to write, unless you want to throw your secret out there for the possible stealing, that is, I meant possible taking and use by another enterprising individual. Though it’d be hard to duplicate the plots, considering each person has a different style and way of getting to the end result, so it’s always going to be different. If CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein both took a crack at writing the ideal Stephen King thriller IT, what would their books look like?

What genre do you like? What’s the plot?

If it’s already been written, what’s the book name and author, and what’s the one line slug about the plot?

You may comment here. Go ahead. Type type type.

You British people will get to do this tomorrow, since you’re probably all abed by now.  Except you peripatetic types accessing your neighbor’s wifi to check your reader feed, you can post, but it’s not secure. Just sayin’.

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