25317 words. Orphanage attacked!

It’s a noisy environment to write. I wrote the scene where the orphanage is attacked. The marines beat a retreat, and Father O’Hara gets to do something noble and cover their retreat.

Little girl is sobbing because she threw away her temp tattoo and now is sad.
Little boy to me: “Cool story, right, and it’s true.”
Wife: “We’ll put it in the car and we can give it to you Wednesday,” she says to her cell phone.
Little girl sticks vanilla smelling chapstick in my face and says, “smell it!”

I consider why the song Homeward Bound is so awesome… not the Simon and Garfunkel noise, but this Irish version:

I wish I could find a full version done by a good tenor.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday this morning. The folks we saw are fantastic, but CEC isn’t really my thing. Too busy, too chaotic. Pizza is barely adequate, but the artisan subs they serve are pretty decent.

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