Music for Writing

I sometimes listen to music while I write, though it’s sometimes difficult to nail a mood. I found this guy named Thomas Bergersen who partnered with another musician to create a group called Two Steps from Hell. They make movie/trailer music. At least, the music sounds like movie or trailer music. Note that they don’t use live musicians, but it sure sounds like it.

They did an album called Invincible, and it’s well worth checking out on Youtube if you want to give it a listen and possibly buy his stuff.

One song in particular stood out as a tremendous offering, because it moves at tremendous speed for 9 minutes. It’s called “That’s a Wrap” and here’s a link to it:

That’s a Wrap

Might I suggest that you listen to this in a place/time where no one else will be disturbed by the volume, or use headphones?  It’s that kind of piece.

The snooty comments following it basically call anyone who likes the piece an unmusical philistine because it breaks rules for music theory, etc.

Those lead me to the soundtrack for How to Train Your Dragon, by a fellow named Powell. It’s very similar to That’s a Wrap, and probably is not coincidental. HTTYD came out before Bergersen’s work.

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