Yo, readers. Not authors. You authors, go away. This isn’t for you. But readers…

Okay. You read books. Excellent. And some of you seem to have opinions about those books. Also good. If it’s a new book by a new author, not a household name, THEN WRITE A REVIEW ON AMAZON.  Take the time and do it.

Why? Do I need to go into great wodges of detail? No. The reason is this:
David W. from Grand Rapids, Michigan once read a book which had no review, and he left a review, and received $1000 in the mail.

Claire M., from Salem, Oregon, however, read a book with no review and did not leave a review, and she was, that very day, hit by a carload of social justice warriors and killed.

Clearly, it’s better to leave a review than get run over. Claire might have left a review, and thus by being a moment later, wouldn’t have become roadkill.

Therefore, if you read a book, leave a review. Good or bad, leave a review. Hated it? Leave a review. But leave a review. You want cheap books by the bucketload to read? Leave a review. Want to help winnow out the crappy books no one else should ever read because they’re unreadable? Contact Amazon and complain, but also leave a review. Do it.

If you do not leave a review, you are a bad person.

If you wish to use the comments on this blog as anonymous confession, please do. Tell us the times you didn’t leave a review and why you think that it was justified. Then go back and leave a review for the book. Only you can prevent apathy and the slushpile. Only you can help new authors be discovered.

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