Adventures in Scrivener: 30 days of trial

I did it. Yes, I downloaded the much touted/hated/beloved Scrivener. I’ll give it a whirl. At the end of 30 days, I either need to pony up forty smackers or cart my beloved novel back into Word, I hope, successfully.

I’m not worried. I have a sufficient command of Word that it doesn’t daunt me at all to fix the styles and formatting of something that may just be messed up.

Which brings me around to the integral spellchecker on Scrivener: I think I need to find all the close quotes, because there seems to be a lot of doubled close quotes that look like: “”

They’re only at the end of paragraphs, but it looks like the word –>Scrivener port may have had a few small issues. I’m not mad, I expect that Scrivener may not get everything from Word in perfect order. That’s no big deal, though going back to fix all that is mildly annoying.

Once I had my manuscript in the editor, I began dividing it by using Ctrl-K. I renamed each synopsis, but wish there was a key press to do that. I had to click on the synopsis card and then hit Ctrl-A to delete the current wrong synopsis and put the correct one in. One of the big deals about getting higher word counts is that you want to use key press shortcuts to do everything. The more often your right hand has to move over to move the mouse, click, then type, then click again, those are all time waster moves. Hands never leave the keyboard. That’s why you learn the shortcuts in Word, because time is money, right? The mouse represents an inefficient and wasteful way to create written content.

I watched the nifty video on how to use the program, but I need to go back and re watch the section on outlining, since that’s what I need the most. Outlining… and then associate current text with the outline when I’m done. This is also the moment where I need to do 9 acts, and outline three books so this can be a proper series.

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