Super Structure. And I bought note cards and pens.

I’ve read Super Structure: The Key to Unleashing the Power of Story by James Scott Bell.

This tied together character arc in a huge way for me. Bell has another book called “write your book from the middle” which has the same essence as I understand it, though I haven’t read that book. The idea of super structure is that the plot adheres to a 3 act structure. And within the three acts, certain things happen at certain points. Thus, the point where the character questions his self and whether to go on hits the 50% mark. He calls this the mirror/mirror moment.

A year ago when I was researching good plot, I found something that was along the same lines, only it was describing a screen play. In it, they said something along the same lines as Bell’s book, except they didn’t have the character arc ensconced in it in such a clear way. Write the character right, and then the rest of your plot is mere child’s play. It will fall in place around the character’s arc, that whole Lie the Character Believes but won’t by the end of the book, the thing that bonds us emotionally to the work so closely and meaningfully.

In the meantime, I bought index cards and pens. I’ll give this a go. Those of you I mocked for using notecards, don’t mock me. 😀

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