Holy Line Editor, Batman

I’m obsessive compulsive about reading.

See, I’ll get a new book, and throw it on my Kindle, and start reading. A few pages in, I’ve decided whether I want to continue in the book, and if it’s readable. If it’s readable and I want to continue but the author never bothered to get a line editor, I’m using the highlight feature.

Why? I suppose it’s so I can scribble a note to the author later and say, “I read your book. Good job. Fix your typos.”  But maybe the author doesn’t WANT some random person on the street fixing their typos.

So I’ll ask. So far, everyone has said, “yeah, send me the typos.”  In a few cases, the author had purportedly already caught said typos and uploaded them but evil Amazon hadn’t updated the book it was selling to people.

Fah.  The thing is, if I’m making notes, it’s only because I care enough about the content that I want to help improve it.  Typos are the most vile sort of error.

2 thoughts on “Holy Line Editor, Batman

  1. I would be lost without the input of my friendly co-writers with their line edits. Not to mention overall comments about breaks in story-flow, etc.
    And that’s just getting it ready for a “professional” edit.


  2. Yar. That should happen -before- it reaches publishing stage, however. At least, that’s just my professional opinion. Please, all of you out there who do not have a line editor, I’m begging you: Get one. Please!


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