Inspired (sorta)

That is, I was reading someone else’s work. They finished a book and published it. And I thought, “If this person can be published and sell, I know I can publish and sell.”

Now, that sounds a little braggy, but it’s not. Y’all have probably thought the same thing as you’re chewing through someone’s opus.  Thing is, I’m not the smartest guy in the room. That guy over there, he’s the smartest guy in the room. But sometimes, I realize I’m a better writer than the person I’m reading. Not all the time. Once in a while, though.

Now, being able to put a couple of words together, that’s not such an accomplishment. Accomplishment is putting 80 thousand words together in a cohesive whole.  So these other authors have got me beat: They’ve accomplished that goal. I’m 1/3 of the way there. I can produce something good, though, and I shall.

Anyway, I pulled out the dusty 26 k manuscript and we’re off again. I also pulled out the 17 k manuscript with an eye toward fixing the conflicts and pushing out book #2 after book #1 gets all done-like.

You can subtract these 192 words from that total. Back to work!

6 thoughts on “Inspired (sorta)

  1. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about this topic lately. While it’s true that you cant do much without a finished manuscript, having a finished manuscript in your hands, even one you know is quite good, doesn’t mean it’s going to do anything. I finished a book and started shopping it around, when I finally go to the point where more than 40 agents weren’t even interested in taking a closer look, I started casting about for other options. My current situation is salesman mode. I’m working every possible angle to find readers who will be interested in helping me see the thing published and in spite of a very positive response, it may not be enough, in the end, to see my name on the front of a glossy cover standing in front of someone’s nose.
    My opinion on the matter – start building a platform while you write. Develop a network, do what you can to help other authors reach readers, and when your turn comes ask for a hand yourself. Getting out there is a tough go. Even if a publisher does pick you up, you’ve still got to do all of those things and it’s quite a challenge. Good luck! I’m pulling for you.


  2. I look forward to the day you proclaim publishing accomplished. I too have walked that gauntlet. Was so stuck on wanting book #1 published everything else stalled. Finally bit the bullet and finished it off self-published. Electronic only. That freed my mind to move forward to other things.
    If you are able to work on two manuscripts at the same time, I am even more inspired. That is a feat I don’t know if I could manage.
    You can do it. Believe in yourself. Or at least in your muse(s). 🙂


    • Well, book #2 has some good ideas and I like what I’ve written, but I was stalled because I’m a conflict avoidance guy and I keep flinching from the conflicts, which screws up the plotting. I need to throw the characters into the ugly situations. It’s wimpy, I know, and so I’ll be stronger and since it’s 17000 words (a nice beginning), with some reworking I can get that one going, too. Most of my effort will go into the 27000 word manuscript, book #1, and I’ll shoot toward producing a first draft within 30 days. There’s a goal. 60000 words in 30 days = 2000 words a day. That’s completely do-able.

      And thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s nice to hear them and it helps me stay on track and motivated.


      • I’m lousy writing conflict, so I understand that completely. Took me 3 weeks to write one chapter because it was a major blow-up with main characters. I wish you peace and concentration for your 2000 words/day 🙂


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