Wordcount graph… because


So, there, you can see I went great guns for 3 months and then it sorta tapered off for a few months, there was some activity in January of this year, then I futzed with revisions. That little tail on the end is the work of the last two days.  Not much, but it’s going to resemble March-April of 2015 if I have any say in it. Wait, I do! I’m taking two classes at college to finish up an associates degree I should have completed 20 years ago, but those are easy. I have a kid with special needs, but he doesn’t take up all the time, and there’s a few hours each evening to write instead of squandering it on Skyrim or NHL Hockey on Xbox. (Shakes fist at Xbox!) That thing is a thief of time. I plan to break 30 k this week (only 3000 words, that’s not too hard) and I can shoot for the middle of the book by next week sometime. Let’s get this done!

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