Kindle Formating: How do you make the chapter breaks findable? I implore you for help!

This is a call for help. See, some ebooks (strictly on Kindle, I don’t have the other 26 devices everyone else loves and uses) you can swipe up or down with your finger and it’ll take you to the next chapter break.

Cool. This only works on some ebooks, the more fancy edited ones. Most indy published books do not permit this.

I read somewhere on Amazon that if you put in a table of contents, that should provide for those handy finger swipes. Swipe down, next chapter.

I know how to make a TOC in Word. But when I put the manuscript on my Kindle, I can use Go To to hit different chapters; I can use the TOC at the beginning to go to the chapters; I cannot use finger swipe down to go to the chapters. What am I doing wrong? Does anyone out there know? Do I have to sacrifice a small animal to make it work? Is there something else, a secret box to check in Word when I do the TOC? Or is it my device, my cheap bargain basement entry level Kindle with no backlighting or bells or whistles?

2 thoughts on “Kindle Formating: How do you make the chapter breaks findable? I implore you for help!

  1. From everything I’ve seen/read, it has something to do with the sacrifice of small animals … Barring that, there is a nasty thing called an ‘NCX file’ that appears to be what permits the finger swiping (assuming I understand what I’ve read).
    I cheated – I published via ‘’ – which creates it’s own NCX file for kindle/epub. Or so they say. All I know is my books worked in the Kindle I had but no longer have since I moved to iPads …
    Probably not much help … but I offer it.


    • That’s no good, Marcus– I don’t see anywhere which kind of small animals are acceptable and which ones aren’t. There must be a list. Also, what’s the proper form of sacrifice?

      Interesting on the NCX file. I usually just upload it directly to my kindle from a word file, and it works/looks nice. As I understand it, you directly upload a Word file to Amazon for publishing and it parses it into a MOBI.


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