I saw my first concert in many a year on Saturday night. @leannrimes

Leanne Rimes was the opener, and Billy Currington the headliner. The venue: LA County fair, in the former racing stands.

The thing of it was, Billy’s set had fantastic sound. Leann’s set? Not so much. Now, Leann has fantastic vocals, and the band was spot on, but everything she spoke was muddy. Not because Leann is a muddy speaker, but rather, somewhere between the microphone and the PA something happened that made it really hard to understand her.  Her vocals during the songs were spot on, and sounded clear and great.

Yet, for some strange reason, Billy was clear as day!

Also: The lighting was very muted for Leann, and Billy’s set was quite bright and had lots of interesting spots and so much smoke, there was a pall over Pomona from it.

I get that openers are just that – openers. Yet, this is a professional venue and even though I had super-freebie tix (I had to pay to get in the fair, though) and we were in the top row of the furtherest section (there were a lot of nosebleeds), I was disappointed in how the opening act sounded.  I know professional sound guys wouldn’t sabotage an early act, but how else to explain that the professionals couldn’t give the lady good spoken sound?

Remember, just because something is a conspiracy theory does not mean that it isn’t true.

My 8 year old says to me during Leann’s set: “Dad? Is she hot?”

Well, son, this is a consequence of public school. They’re ruining you.

“Yes, I’d say. But it’s not right for an 8 year old to call a woman ‘hot,’ so you can say she’s pretty or good-looking,” was what I really said.

“Is she married?”

“She’s a bit too old for you, mister.”

“If she weren’t married, it’d be perfect,” he said.

I think he was implying that a singer’s attractiveness and marriage status was something that influenced their fandom. Maybe. At least the kid has good taste! There’s hope there somewhere.


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