Outrageous bloodsucking publishers

I picked up a series of books on Kindle that I really enjoyed a lot of years back – Anne McCaffery’s Harper Hall series, Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums. They’re a light, quick, easy and nice read.


But WAIT. This is on Kindle. So after forking over 5 bucks for a copy, I get this wretched copy with typos, missing quotes, missing paragraph breaks, missing words.

Ooops. Looks like we didn’t bother with quality control or a line editor. Why would we need those? It’s just a transcription to an e-reader.

Okay, I get it. You rights-holders did a quick cheap transcription. You want to make money.

The part that bugs me, though, is that eventhough they KNOW these problems exist, a year later, nothing has been done. Did anyone go back and fix it? Nope. The royalty checks continue to roll in, so they don’t care.

I returned my copy for a refund. Anne McCaffery’s heirs can go to perdition for all I care. They won’t get any funding from me.

All further Pern books (and apparently the problem extends to all of them) will be read in hard copy, one of those $4 copies that abound.  Once I figure out how to levy a complaint, I’m going to request that Amazon pull the copies until the issues are fixed. If a slushpile book can be rejected because of typos or missing words, essentially don’t give a damn sloppiness and shoddy editing, then an established book like the McCaffery estate ought to be subject to the same sanctions.

Seriously, by selecting some lowest-common-denominator epublisher, they’ve thrown the pearls before swine.

Then again, I was watching the first Hobbit movie with my son last night, and we read the entire book together. I say to him: “Recognize any of this from the book?”

“No. This wasn’t in the book.”
Me: “Yep. This is called artistic license.”

And I thought, if Hollywood could butcher the Hobbit so badly, what would they do to Pern if they could? CGI the hell out of it, and screw up a good plot in the process.

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