Star Nomad: Fallen Empire, Book 1 by Lindsay Buroker

I read this one a week ago, and have since purchased three additional books in the series.

It’s space cowboys, I suppose, in a way, sort of inspired by Firefly.  I have been enjoying the series and like Lindsay’s writing. I recommend it.

However, the one thing that has stood out for three books are THERE ARE NO ERRORS. At all. No usage errors, no homophones misused, no punctuation missing or out of place or present when it shouldn’t be, no mangled sentences where I have to guess the meaning, or missing words, or missing carriage returns that need to separate two speakers. Nothing.

Her editor is Shelley Holloway (Shelley Holloway’s website).

The question is, does Lindsay have impeccable manuscripts to start with, or does she present something to Holloway who magically makes it all perfect?

Either way, I’m impressed with four books I’ve read and nary a single error. Kudos to the author and the editor.


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