3 thoughts on “Defenestrate

  1. Defenestrate has always been one of my favorite words for absurdity’s sake, but I do feel like if you’re going to have a dedicated term for chucking someone or something out a window, it should sound more menacing. If you tried threatening someone with defenestration they’d probably just laugh at you, and then you’d want to shove them out the window even more.


  2. Having worked in a hillside office on the 4th floor I used this word frequently while dealing with my computer, the proprietary software and unruly account managers. Unfortunately, I never had the nerve to practice it personally.


  3. I found a nice poem about it, though I had to look up at least two of the words. See:
    https://cbkwgl.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/defenestration-rp-lister/ It’s a poem about defenestration by RP Lister, and is quite tongue and cheek. Clever! Obviously, the man was smarter than I. The words, in case you couldn’t guess, were adventitious and logodaedaly. You can guess the meaning of adventitious, since advantageous is similar in sound and meaning. Logodaedaly, not so much, other than logos is Greek for word, and daedaly means… I dunno.


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