The nature of blogs: I didn’t intend for that to happen maybe

Funny thing. I’m lookin’ at stats, like you do, and notice I’ve a new follower, the lovely Charlotte Hoather, who is an opera singer.  Her site is a visual delight and there are some samples of her singing [mumble which I’m not able to listen to at the moment but must save for later].

Then, because I’m curious about stuff like that, I wonder… how’d she find the Dog’s Breakfast? [Tasted awful, they sometimes say.]

I’ll postulate it here.

Reference to Dmitri Hvorostovsky, famous opera singer, in this post:
I WON! I WON! Wait. What have I done!? Sacre Bleu! The 10 pages challenge

Perhaps that is what brought Charlotte hither?
I guess I could ask. Charlotte, how’d you get here?

Now, the circular problem of referencing Dmitri again is going to misdirect MORE traffic. Oh monstrous authority, I have misused you. Bad blogger. No tuna fish sandwich. They should not give us the stats tool in blogging.

Which is not to say that I don’t delight in opera. I do.  Even married an opera singer for 7 years, and I could tell you some stories… but this is all water under the bridge.

Postscript: I don’t think the map they give you with the stats is accurate. That is, the map is drawn correctly, but the data of who is where seems suspect, or just a bit spotty.