Polish is expensive, Barbie. Let’s go Shopping


An 80 k novel, translated into Polish: $3,500. US.

You’d think in the tanking economy it’d be cheaper and there’d be tons of desperate Poles throwing themselves at the project for a only a few hundred bucks. I thought maybe I could outsource it like gardening work here in Southern California, which is done mostly by a different nationality. Unfortunately, most of those people of a different nationality cannot translate into Polish, so I can’t exploit them.

On a side note, I also noted that the actor’s guild hereabouts is on strike because they want the people in the 99 seat or less theaters to get paid more.

“Mark my words, wife,” I said, “if they raise the pay on those acting positions, it’ll end up going to the different nationality.”

We imagined a night of Shakespeare at one of the non-conforming budget theaters: “Romeo, Romeo, ¿por qué estás Romeo?”

I did a little more research regarding non-US book markets. Besides our treasured fellow English speakers in Canada, England, NZ, and Australia, it seems there’s a big market in China, India, Korea (south, mostly), Malaysia, and Brazil.  Brazil though is asterisked because their ebook success is because of the government propping it up. Nevertheless, something to think about:



무너져 제국

Looks good, doesn’t it?