Quick! Find an editor. Go.

Is there a resource where we can get a book that lists editors, their specialties, books they’ve edited, contact information, location, and a blurb about them?

It’d be a phone book of editors, of sorts.

Or do I need to write it?

It’d look sort of like this:

Name: Bob the Clam
Email: clammyediting@gmail.com
Type of editing: Line/Copy/Content/Developmental/Proofreader/Beta reader/critique partner
Books edited: Gone With the Wimp, Catcher in the Sty, Rudes, To Kill a Mockingjay, A Light We Can See, Last 100 Words, the Wrong Brothers, Girl Off a Train, Kim Kardashian: Shellfish
Location: Australia
Preferred genres: Any, Climate Fiction, books about fish
Pricing: US$.08 per word, first 100,000 words, discount after.
Glowing recommendations:
Jim the Clown, Author: Bob really helped me. You see, I always boldly and dramatically use adverbs. Eventually, I’ll learn to promptly and regularly remove them. Then I’ll live victoriously. However, Bob also removed only half the words in my manuscript, very cautiously. He performed his work terrifically and quickly.

If this already exists, splendid. Where is it? Is there a secret website known only to the in-crowd authors? Greatedits.com?

If not, is it something you’d pay a dollar for to buy on the great slushpile? You think an editor would pay to be in it? What about if the editor pays extra for a big blurb while everyone else rides for free? Or is this odious, and you authors are saying, “I’ll find my own darned editor, Pontius, you miserable bar sinister! I don’t need your help.”