22 Rules of Storytelling

This is splendid and I will be going back through these.  Jen at Jen’s Thoughts posted these rules from a list composed in 2011, by then Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats. While they aren’t linear, it does bode well for formulaic writers. Do each of these things and you will write a successful story. Some seem simple, others may stretch you. If you want just the straight list (text) without the pictures, it follows the pictures at the end.

Jens Thoughts

I wanted to share this article with everyone. To me, it’s a gold mine that you can review over and over. I hope it inspires you.

Back in 2011, then Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats (now freelancing) tweeted 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar. Coats learned the ‘guidelines’ from senior colleagues on how to create appealing stories,tweeting the nuggets of wisdom over a 6 week period.

Last week, artist and User Experience Director at Visceral Games (a subsidiary of Electronic Arts), Dino Ignacio, created a series of image macros of the 22 rules and posted them to Imgur and Reddit.

Below you will find the list of image macros along with a text summary of Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling at the end of the post. Enjoy!

[Sources: Emma Coats, Dino Ignacio, The Pixar Touch]


pixar's 22 rules of storytelling as image macros (2)

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