Earning more than a dollar a novel

You know, if you lived in Nigeria, I’ll bet those scammers earn some pretty good bucks, and they’re not even writing in their native tongue to get money.

The problem is that most of the scams I’ve read don’t look real.  Maybe it’s the ALL CAPS? Or the unrealistic amounts (US$24,000,000) or there can’t be that many princes killed in car accidents every month.

The problem here is that the Nigerians don’t have good developmental editors, or line editors.  Imagine how good their 419 scams would be if they started using the services of a good editor?

“Abacha, I liked your pitch, but maybe you need to work on your noun/verb agreement, and also the amounts you’re asking for are a little high for such a poor continent.  I liked your diamond merchant angle, that’s very good, but like they said in American Sniper, aim small, miss small. I’ve attached a redline markup of your spam, along with a bill. You can pay me via Western Union, if you’d like.”

For your amusement, an actor did a series of baiting the scammers which he documented here:

Dean Cameron’s Nigerian Spam Scam Scam

He also produced this as a short play for a while, and I think it’s brilliant.

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