Do Something – how to get something done

I was reading on Burpees to Bubbly and there was a post about the book called “Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***.”  And the blogger did a post about that, Just do something, and it’s fantastic.  The gist is that we operate in, as she says,

Inspiration ->  Motivation -> Action[,]”

when instead we should operate on

Action-> Inspiration -> Motivation[.]”

If we sit around waiting for inspiration, we waste time and we don’t do anything, because maybe inspiration won’t strike for a while, or it’s upstairs at the bar drinking and we’re not, or inspiration has just gone out on a night with the boys/girls and left us home alone, waiting. Screw that! Instead, DO SOMETHING. When you start doing something, inspiration will show up and redirect it, and then you’ll be that much further down the road to completing whatever it is, and, bonus, you’ll feel motivated. Sure it looks like it’s the wrong order. Try it anyway!


9 thoughts on “Do Something – how to get something done

  1. That has been my experience too. If I have writer’s block (for example), I just start writing something – anything – and usually it’s garbage for the first few lines, but I can go back and delete the no-good part after I get into the writing mode. The trick is to get started.


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