UCLA and my 18 month old

Baby OutlawSo, third born child, Johnny James (“baby outlaw!”), he’s got communications issues, and the teams of doctors (TOD) have diagnosed as pre-autistic. We ask TOD, any programs you know about going on? Sure, there’s this Baby Jasper thing at UCLA, they say. We apply, and our kid took a test which he failed (meaning they think he is or has a high chance of being autistic, but can’t diagnose that until 2 y.o. for some reason), so he’s in the program. The program has been going for 5 years and JJ is the last kid in the program, then they shut down and will write a paper about the whole thing.

People say, “what’s up?” and I tell ’em, Hey Johnny is taking communications at UCLA.

He’s super smart and cute, that boy. Maybe someday he’ll talk. Right now, he’s learning sign. He says some one syllable noises (“Moe” for more, “Moe” for sound of cow, hiss for snake noise, low rumbling noise for dragon growl, and “Up” for everything else.)


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