Someone killed the world’s friendliest cat

We had a cat around my office, a striped tabby named Roy. He’d walk around and he was super friendly and he’d walk into your office, check things out, and then saunter out again. He made a lot of friends around here. On Saturday, he sauntered out onto the main road and someone hit him.

He lived a little while after that, and died in someone’s arms.

The landlady liked him a lot and so did about 25 other people. About 15 people showed up for the cat’s memorial service. Yes. That’s right. More people than were at my father-in-law’s funeral… though he was less likable than a cat, being blind and deaf and dying of cancer/heart disease etc. It’s hard to like humans, whereas a pet is easy, because pets are not complex and don’t have serious issues. Mostly.

Roy’s buried on the property here, with flowers growing over his grave.


One thought on “Someone killed the world’s friendliest cat

  1. All my furkids are buried under rose bushes. I understand. And I agree about humans not being as easy to like as pets. But /fifteen/ people went out of their way to say goodbye to a cat. That says something good about all fifteen, and maybe something about humanity as a whole.
    This post brought a lump to my throat but in a good way. Thank you.


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