Excel of the damned

A client, one who likes to help out on things, decided to give us an excel file of everything. There’s a lot of entries, several hundred, and apparently he used quickbooks to make the files and then exported them to Excel. This is only a tiny bit better than making us just enter everything by hand.

Important questions:
1. Why import them to Excel at all? There’s no formulas, and it’s all direct formatting from Quickbooks, so if a number is wrong, it’s wrong. No formulas to make sure things are correct.

2. Why does Quickbooks put the total up at the top of each entry instead of the bottom like in normal-world? It looks like this:

See that? It’s like that all the way through. I’m used to finding the end of a column to get the totals. And then there’s this:

Rent for lots of something                                     5400
Something 1                                                              1300
Rent                                                                             650
Rent                                                                             650
Something 2                                                              4100
Rent                                                                           4000
        Rent                                                                         2000
Rent                                                                         2000
     Deposit                                                                        100
          Deposit                                                                     100

It’s like that… all the way through. Sometimes, there’s a total of 6 or 7 different things, and I have to hunt down which of the bolded amounts are in that total, because some are subtotals and sub sub totals. All 100 or so pages of transactions are like this. Guess what I get to go through and add formulas, just to check if Quickbooks did it right?

Right now, I have a burning hatred for Quickbooks.  This drives me to cutting.


2 thoughts on “Excel of the damned

  1. Why? Because you can import it directly back to Quickbooks as long as you didnt change a format. There is no formula since a single glimpse of your accountant and they will get the issue. But its odd that the amounts is given to the top. Maybe that person just want to give you the highlight of the amount since i believe on the lower section it only shows the account being affected.


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