Crumbling Empire Chapter 3 rewrite

Crumbling Empire Concept Cover

Chapter 3 has been rewritten, mostly, to change a POV and fix a situation that my military guys said made their teeth itch. Okay, alright already, it’s fixed.

Fixed: More internal language for protag. Change POV in police scene to policeman. Fixed the in to armor out of armor portions of the text. Worked on putting in cocky/sexist lieutenant character in place, though I haven’t made the changes from beyond the end of the police scene.

See it here.

Thanks for reading.

I was trying to figure out a way to get the Positive Trait Thesaurus in a more usable form for me than on the Kindle.  I was thinking I’d type in the lists of character traits and then perhaps put in a randomizer in excel so I could use it to generate characters. Sometimes, it’s easier for me to have random stuff thrown out and see what works for my purposes than to carefully calculate it based on a really long list.

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