All is vanity, vanity

I am intrigued by the cartoons on Colleen Chesebro’s site, Silver Threading. Colleen has these cool cartoons of herself all over the website. Fun!

Then I thought, “she’ll cartoon people she interviews…”

My eyes narrowed.

That’s my plan. I’ve got to be interviewed. But about what?

4 thoughts on “All is vanity, vanity

    • I am guilty on both accounts. I strongly suspect the fashion police have a permanent thick file on me, with pithy summations drawn up on onionskin paper typed in 12 pt courier: “This individual shows no ability to innovate or coordinate. Subject is not remorseful about his clothing choices. His clothing is completely inappropriate at all times. Recommend you revoke his purchasing power in clothing and re-assign it to his wife.”

      There must be something on which I can be interviewed.

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  1. Hi Matt, I am still chuckling about your post! My cartoons are from a phone app called, “Bitstrips.” It works on your phone and Facebook. I was looking for a way to brand my blog (silver threading is all about my hair color, LOL!) and these cartoons seem to fit my personality. Scary stuff! I will have to check out your blog. Thanks for the great laugh. 🙂


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