Show don’t tell… or not? Relativism of Writing

This whole writing thing is relativistic, not objective. That’s why it’s art.

I collect what people write about that art, because some things resonate with the reader better than others and I want to know what those things are.  If you’re a good writer, you’ll avoid mistakes made by bad writers and write well.

There’s all sorts of things wrong with that last sentence. Value words, such as good, bad, and mistakes, are relative to the person making the judgment.  One person may like a piece of writing, another may hate it.

Thus, we come to the bromide, “Show, don’t tell.”  No. Not a bromide. A stick. C’mere, writer. I’m going to hit you. It’s about your art. I don’t like how you did it. You should do it this way.

Why is showing better than telling? Who decided that? And why do some people get a pass on the SDT deal, and some don’t?

Ultimately, you write for your audience. If your audience is the tortured muses in your head, why, then, you’ll write what the tortured muses want.  If it’s for the Amazon .99 misers, then you’ll write what they want. And so on.

And those people, some of them, want SDT.

There’s still plenty of tales out there that are far more TDS.   But this is a thin characterization. 😀

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