30 k, huh? More like 28 k. 2 k to go.

Go me. 2000 words, that’s like a chapter or so.  I can totally do this. But… up from 26900 to 28000, so that’s 1100 words. I keep revising the older stuff, which means the first 28 k will be really slick when you read, the rest of it, not so much. More choppy. 😀  Editor: Please start at Chapter 10.

No, I take it back. Start at 1, it wants your love.

Also: Solid State Drives vs. traditional hard drives? SSD for the win. Virus scan: 2 minutes. Other computers with trad hard drives? Try 20 minutes. Ha.

4 thoughts on “30 k, huh? More like 28 k. 2 k to go.

    • hahahah! I threw that in, and figured “Folks will probably want to talk about the SSD, not the word count.” Because SSDs are awesome. My work computer had a horrible hard drive problem, so I told the boss, “Hey, let’s put in an SSD drive.” I figure, for $120, you get fast functionality instead of limping along with a controller/hard drive problem. She hated the idea because it was an unknown, but I managed to install it correctly and wouldn’t trade my computer here for any of the other slow ones. And it wasn’t the controller… no, it was the hard drive, definitely, that was crashing.

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